Tomas A. Silva

He is a graduate in Business Administration from the University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1986 he moved to the United States to Florida, to Miami to be precise where he began working with some of the veterans of the distribution industry in Latin America, as Riccardo Cella and Daniel Gutiérrez of Titanus. He also learns some from Louis Boeri and Rafael Fusaro of APA. Worked for Capital Vision when the company produced "El Magnate" first soap opera to be filmed entirely in the United States and in Spanish. He began to have a more international profile working for Unapix and then as Vice President of Sales at Macías Group, a dubbing company. Until 2008 when he formed his own distribution company Dinter Inc. The beginnings of Dinter actually date back to 1980’s when the first version of the company was born in Buenos Aires Argentina, Distributors International, hence the Dinter was created by Ovidio Lisa, Mario Arce and Jorge Tyburec where Silva began as "office boy ". Paying tribute to his first mentor Mr. Lisa named the company with his short name hoping to get the same success as the first Dinter.