We work with independent producers looking to reach with their products in the Latin American market, Spanish-speaking United States Networks, Spain and Portugal. Taking in distribution just the programming we know we can treat with the respect that each product and producer deserve.


With the idea of ​​meeting the expectations and specials needs of each of the producers we work with and putting those needs as a priority we offer our special advice. Sometimes interceding as contact between producers and networks, working together for the development of special projects.


The growth of the company in the distribution area made the logical evolution in order to cover the needs of our producers to have their product dubbed into neutral Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese. In early 2014 the company embarked in the adventure of dubbing business acquiring a share in a dubbing studio in Mexico City and reaching an agreement with a facility based in the City of Sao Paulo, Brazil in order to provide customers with these services

Branding and Digital Marketing

The television industry has a very important basis in graphic design and creative art. To translate original ideas from being a simple thought to reflect them into paper and then turn them into ideas in motion is something we take very seriously. When customers want to know how to carry out those ideas and graph them they have the assistance and expertise of our creative department.